Who are we?

We sell inspired fragrances from all the high end brands

Why us?

We're unlike any other inspired fragrances out there as ours are not only strong but last all day also.

Where are we based?

Liverpool, UK

Are we in any shops?

Yes, we're stocked in several shops across Liverpool. Message/Email for more information on this.

What strength percentage are your perfumes?

Our perfumes are ALL mixed with 30% oil for maximum strength

Do you ship outside of the UK?

We don't at the moment unfortunately

How long does it last?

Our products last just as long if not longer as the high end brands

How identical are your products to the real ones?

They're 90% identical

How long till orders are dispatched?

We work hard to get all orders out soon as possible. Most of them are posted the same day if before 3pm.

How long does delivery take?

Usually 2-3 working days but during COVID please give extra time for delivery. If you need them posting 1st class please email us at L1scents@outlook.com or drop us a message on instagram

I placed a wrong order what do I do?

If you drop us an email or a message after ordering the wrong perfume accidentally and we read your message before posting we can solve this. 

Are your products vegan friendly?

100% We are against animal testing/cruelty and would never use products that involved this type of testing.